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Brian Robeson
01/30/2012 21:51

Questions: How do volcanoes stop an engine of a plane?

Comments:I like how you had lots of hand jestures. Although, I would suggest you increase the pace and volume of your presentation.

Greg Heffley
01/30/2012 23:19

Questions : Is there any other good thing by living by a volcano?

Comments : I think you did an awesome job on your presentation, and you knew all your facts! But it could have been ven better if you talked a little bit louder.

cole mcgrath
01/31/2012 19:52

Questions- No questions

Comments-I think you were a little nervous like every one was but over that and looking up more it was great!.

Minnie mouse
06/11/2012 09:36

~No Questions.
~ comments - I think that you did great on your powerpoint :) but you should speak a little louder next time but great job.


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