This term I found that the most challenging subject for me was Language arts. What I found hard about this subject was that we have to write a speeches and present them in class to get a good grade. There is one thing I liked about language arts and that is the novel study on the book called Iqbal. My favorite activity was posting our questions and also posting words that we found to be exquisite. I think I could improve by participating more in class discussions. I would like to read more books instead of writing 


04/07/2013 1:55pm

I found that L.A. was the most challenging subject too!

04/07/2013 3:13pm

Did you like the book Iqbal? What was it about?

04/07/2013 6:24pm

What was your topic on for your speech, and why did you pick that topic

04/07/2013 6:58pm

Did you like writing speeches?

04/07/2013 7:37pm

I also thought LA is the most challenging subject too.


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