I was so nervous about the basketball tryouts at our school but I made the team and I am so excited for our first game. to be able to win games we have to go out on the court and play hard and give it 110% because the sky is the limit and on  the way to achieving that goal we also aim to crush all of our opponents.

Currently we have won all our games in our regular season so now we are going to play day which is like the playoffs. We will play about 4 games on that day. I hope we finish the season  with no loses.

Clayton: won
Woodland Park: won 
George Greenaway: won
Hazelgrove: won
Adams Road: won
Play day: lost 


01/13/2013 6:13pm

@ SpongeBob - Take a creative picture of a basketball and post it here! Create your own images instead of using ones from the internet.

01/30/2013 8:13pm

I don't know why you would be nervous, knowing that you are really good at basketball! I also think that is is very creative how you posted an image that you took.

01/30/2013 8:40pm

I would suggest maybe you can do sort of like a blog but just for basketball. For example, each game you can talk about it.


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