Hello and thank you fro visiting my website. Please notify me of and errors on my presentation skills if I missed some punctuation's and if my info isn't up-to date. Positive and negative feedback are well appreciated because they help my make my website even better.  


Mr. Hong
12/14/2011 20:53

@ Spongebob - You still have to make some edits to some of your layers of the earth pages. As mentioned in class, you need to summarize all points in your own words.

Also, if you use a video on one of your pages, you need to make sure it is specific to that topic. I know there are videos of each layer (online). If you can't find one, be specific as to when in the video clip it starts and stops talking about the specific layer you are referring to.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Mike Tyson
12/15/2011 09:26

- I don't think you have everything in your own words. If it is, please take out big words and turn it to easier words so that everyone can understand it. Also, you have some punctuation errors.

- Please put everything in your own words and you need to add more information.
- Please put what the mantle is and what it does.

Outer Core:
- You put everything in your own words so good job.
- You need to add more information on your outer core section.

Inner Core:
- Put everything in your own words.
- Please find a relevant video for your inner core section.

Brian Robeson
12/15/2011 09:32

Nice website SpongeBob! Overall, it was a great website, but I would like to make these suggestions.

-Make sure when you have a video you say when it talks about the layer on the page. For example, for your mantle page you have to say when the video talks about the mantle.

-Capitalization is not common on your pages, but I did see some words that were capitalized for no reason. eg. "Upper Mantle" "Lower Mantle".

-All of your information made sense, but it would be better if you made them more understandable.

Other than all of that, awesome job!

Cole Mcgrath
12/15/2011 10:04

Make sure you put videos in that talk about the crust only not the structure of the earth and please put it in your own words.
your mantle page is god but you have some capitalization problem and make sure you have a video that talks about the mantle if you can't find any don't put one on your website.
Outer Core-
Make sure that your picture is about the Outer Core not all of them. Please put more information
Inner Core-
Please put more info and more pacific videos about the topic.


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