Mike Tyson
01/03/2012 13:32

GRAMMAR: I didn't see any grammar errors but please change some few words so it's easier to understand.

INFORMATION: I think you included everything that Mr. Hong told us to add so GREAT JOB!!!!

SPELLING: I didn't see any spelling errors. I think you're copying and pasting from another website. But if I'm wrong, I'm sorry.

Punctuation: You need to add more commas in your paragraph because some of them are run-on sentences.

Chelsea Somers
01/03/2012 19:06

Spelling: Try checking your 'Convergent Boundaries' sections for some spelling mistakes, because I had found 1 or 2.

Capitals: You did proper capitilization in each section.

Info: Try changing some words in your sections, to make it easier to understand.

Punctuation: All of your punctuations were correct, and i didn't find any errors.

Media: All of your pictures were clear and on topic, and it would be great if you had some videos on Convergent Boundaries, if you can fine any.

Overall, fantastic job! :)


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